INDIANAPOLIS – In response to the feedback received from the ten Pre-Conference Briefings across Indiana and various correspondences from our retired clergy and others, the two current conference treasurers, Brent Williams of North Indiana and Jennifer Gallagher of South Indiana, have been working with a benefits consultant seeking other options to bring to the Indiana Annual Conference session meeting this week in Muncie. The following option will likely to be proposed to the Annual Conference.

  1. That we proceed with changing from a Healthflex supplemental insurance plan for retired clergy, spouses and surviving spouses due to increasing costs (estimated to cost $525 per person in 2010), and in place of it, move to a health insurance subsidy based upon years of service in the Indiana conferences, set at $5-per-service-year per-month, with a maximum of 30 years or $150 for each retiree and spouse, and with a $250 per month for each surviving spouse.


  1. That we have our retired clergy, spouses and surviving spouses enroll in one of two plans our benefits consultant recommends. These are:
    1. Plan A – a plan similar to HealthFlex but without some of the extras that HealthFlex brings, such as mental and nervous, Optum Nurse Line, Wellness, WebMD. The estimated cost for this plan is $434 per month, because this plan includes a richer pharmacy benefit with Medco.
    2. Plan B – a lesser plan with less pharmacy benefits, but one that still exceeds what conference retirees could purchase on their own. The estimated cost of this plan is $313 per month.

The benefits officers and task force hope the Indiana Annual Conference will approve moving to a health insurance subsidy based upon years of service and offering Plan A and Plan B for retirees to choose the one that better fits their medical needs.

This choice, which will be supported by further information and consultation throughout the fall of this year, will help avoid having our retirees and spouses make their own purchases on the open market. Both Plan A and Plan B are in addition to the basic Medicare coverage that all people age 65 years and over receive.