Will I be required to sign over all my assets to Wesley Manor?

Residents choosing to enter Wesley Manor with a Life Care Guarantee Contract will be assessed an entry fee which has been predetermined for each available home or apartment. Management of a resident's assets remains in his or her control.

Are only members of The United Methodist Church granted admission into Wesley Manor?

Wesley Manor is open to any person age 55 years or older. Although affiliated with The United Methodist Church, Wesley Manor is committed to meeting the needs of all older adults through love, benevolence and service regardless of race, religion or creed.

Will moving into Wesley Manor mean giving up my independence?

Residents at Wesley Manor are encouraged to live independent, active lifestyles. Many attend area churches, volunteer in the community and continue to travel extensively.

Does it require a large financial portfolio to qualify to live at Wesley Manor?

Wesley Manor offers a variety of admission options including a Life Care Guarantee Contract with entry fees as low as $12,018 for a single studio apartment. Our living options and competitive pricing has afforded individuals from all walks of life to discover the good life at Wesley Manor.

Is Wesley Manor a nursing home?

Wesley Manor is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Residential options involve independent living in home and apartment settings, assisted living, dementia care and comprehensive care provided in the Manor's Health Center.

Should my assets run out while I am living at Wesley Manor, will I be asked to move?

As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, all residents approved for entry under a Traditional Contract are guaranteed life care regardless of their future financial condition and level of healthcare needs.

If I move to Wesley Manor, will my children still be entitled to my estate?

Asset preservation can be accomplished through a carefully structured financial plan, preferably with the assistance of a certified financial planner. Choosing Wesley Manor for retirement living, however, can be a viable part of your financial plan when taking into consideration the sky-rocketing cost of health care today.

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