Gina Riendeau, North Indiana Missions staff person, will end her work in Indiana July 1 and head for a new position as Director of Clinic Operations at Red Bird Mission in Southeast Kentucky. Red Bird provides primary health services with a staff of physicians, nurse practitioner, and nurses, a laboratory, x-ray, dentist, dental lab, and home services.

The position allows Riendeau to be in mission ministry, as well as to bring together a background in hospital management, university faculty, grant writing, community services and United Methodist mission.

She told Together, "I will be part of the senior leadership team of the Red Bird Mission, which encompasses extensive programs in community development, education, health care, housing, and human services in Southeast Kentucky. I anticipate a transition to Kentucky by August 1."

Riendeau has been on the North Indiana Conference staff as the Associate Director in Mission and Ministry Outreach since Dec. 2000. During those years the North Indiana Conference has seen a significant increase in the numbers of mission volunteers serving around the world; training for mission leadership, disaster response, and leading work teams; involvement in the Jurisdictional and General Church mission efforts; and created an efficient and effective leadership model that moves well into the new Indiana Conference.

Riendeau said, "I have been blessed to serve the wonderful people of the North Indiana these nine years. Their commitment to loving God and loving neighbors - wherever they are - have been an inspiration to me. I will miss them. My memories are filled with the warm welcome given in so many churches and the homes of parishioners, the volunteers and committees that serve the church locally and globally, my fellow-staff members at the Conference office, and many friends throughout the Conference. May the Indiana Conference flourish as it dreams big dreams for God."