The Steering Committee of the North and South Indiana Conferences of United Methodist Women has appointed liaisons to work with each newly created district in forming new district organizations of United Methodist Women. The conference organizations have followed the guidelines from the General Board of Global Ministries - Women's Division to implement procedures for making the transition.

Interim Steering Committees, Standing Rules, Finance and Committee on Nominations are being formed within each of the ten new districts. The pool of leadership comes from current district United Methodist Women officers. The newly formed committees should follow the time line established by the conference Steering Committee and its respective subgroups. The work of the committees is short term and will end with the official creation of new district organizations in October. Following the time line will assure all necessary components are in place by that time.

Each district is asked to write its own standing rules. These are to be in harmony with the standing rules adopted by the conference steering committee and be in compliance with the Women's Division Handbook for United Methodist Women. District Committees on Nomination are expected to secure the slate of nominees for their 2010 district officers. District Finance subgroups are asked to set the financial pledge to mission for 2010. Initially the work of all areas will be approved by each district's steering committee and then voted on when the new districts are officially organized on Oct. 17, 2010 at the Zionsville United Methodist Church.

The Indiana Conference United Methodist Women will celebrate the "Day of New Beginnings" by officially being organized on that date as well. Harriett Olson, Deputy General Secretary from the Women's Division (the decision making body of the United Methodist Women), will speak at this historic event.

Carolyn Maxey serves as the communication coordinator of the South Indiana United Methodist Women.