INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner recently announced that the Rev. Ann Glass and the Rev. Marianne Chalstrom have agreed to serve in retirement as part-time District Superintendents for the Indianapolis East and Warsaw Districts, respectively, from July 1 through December 31.

Coyner said, "Their service in this interim six months will allow us to launch the new 10-District model on January 1, while providing the needed district leadership and pastoral care until that date."

Both Glass and Chalstrom are former District Superintendents, so they bring a wealth of experience to this ministry. They will be serving part-time, and their work will include:

  • Conducting the Cluster Charge Conferences this fall,
  • Providing leadership for the district committees and helping those committees transition toward the new 10-District model,
  • Ensuring pastoral care for pastors and families of their districts,
  • Attending the summer Cabinet Planning Retreat and a few Cabinet meetings in order to coordinate with the other superintendents and
  • Making the initial response to personnel or appointment concerns, and then referring these to the 2010 District Superintendent who will supervise that pastor and/or congregation in 2010.

This means the 18 current Districts will serve after July 1 for the remainder of 2009 by these superintendents:

  • Calumet District - Cindy Reynolds
  • Michiana District - Doug Anderson
  • Fort Wayne District - Dave Michel
  • Huntington District - Chip Gast
  • Warsaw District - Marianne Chalstrom
  • Lafayette District - Kate Walker
  • Kokomo District - Frank Beard
  • Marion District - Craig LaSuer
  • Muncie District - Dale Mendenhall
  • Indianapolis West District - Bert Kite
  • Indianapolis East District - Ann Glass
  • Rushville District - Ida Easley
  • Terre Haute District - Tom True
  • Bloomington District - Bob Ostermeier
  • Columbus District - Brian White
  • Vincennes District - Judi Purvis
  • New Albany District - Charlie Wilfong
  • Evansville District - Glenn Howell

As of Jan. 1, the District Superintendents for the new 10-District model will be:

  • North District - Cindy Reynolds
  • Northeast District - Dave Michel
  • Northwest District - Craig LaSuer
  • East District - Dale Mendenhall
  • North Central District - Frank Beard
  • Central District - Bert Kite
  • West District - Judi Purvis
  • Southeast District - Brian White
  • South District - Charlie Wilfong
  • Southwest District - Glenn Howell

Coyner said, "The year 2009 continues to be a time of transition into our new Indiana Conference, but I am pleased to have the support and help of these talented persons as District Superintendents during this transition time."