Gregory S. Clapper, professor of philosophy and religion at United Methodist-related University of Indianapolis, is among the scholars who contributed to the new Wesley Study Bible.

Published this year by Abingdon Press, the Wesley Study Bible supplements the main text with sidebars on “Life Application Topics and Wesleyan Core Terms,” which are concepts with particular resonance in the Wesleyan tradition. “Reading these is like taking a short course on essential elements of our faith as Wesleyan Methodists,” the introduction states.

Clapper, an ordained United Methodist minister and a chaplain in the Indiana Air National Guard, wrote articles on four key terms: “Heart” for the book of Exodus, “Holy Tempers” for Psalms, “Fruits of the Spirit” for Galatians and “Evil Tempers” for Zechariah. In all, more than 150 contributors from 10 denominations and six nations added their observations to this new edition of the Bible. – UIndy