Bishop Michael J. Coyner has announced the following changes within the Indiana Area. All dates effective 2009 unless otherwise noted. These appointments are based on Cabinet reports received by Indiana Area Communication during the month of March 2009.

South Indiana Conference

  • Alexander, Michael David from Indianapolis: Aldersgate, Indianapolis West to Linton: First, Bloomington, 3/15
  • Bilskie, Faye from Emison, Vincennes to Extension Ministry: Good Samaritan Hospice, 2/22
  • Brinkworth, Dennis B. from Bethany/Bethany: Perseverance Chapel, New Albany to no appointment, 3/18
  • Dickensheets, Brian from New Albany: Jacobs Chapel, New Albany to Discontinued Local Pastor Q#22, 6/30
  • Fields, Derrick from no appointment to Medora, Bloomington, 3/1
  • Gotts, Edward E. from no appointment to Dupont, Columbus, 4/1
  • Hoover, Charles K. from no appointment to Boxley, Indianapolis East, 3/15
  • Irvine, Christopher Michael from no appointment to Vienna, Columbus, 4/1
  • Smith, Beverly from Crawford Consolidated/Crawford Consolidated: Pilot Knob, New Albany to no appointment, 6/30
  • Walker, Daniel J. from Indianapolis: Meridian St, Indianapolis West to Centenary, Evansville, 6/1
  • Wiley, Carol R. from no appointment to Spiceland, Rushville, 02/01
  • Witt, Douglas Alan from Linton: First, Bloomington to Emison, Vincennes, 1/15

North Indiana Conference

  • Cobb, Michelle from Calumet District Superintendent, Calumet to Extension Ministry: Director of the Well-Lived Pastoral Life Project, Indiana Area Office, 7/1
  • Dolby, Linda K. from Leave of Absence, Lafayette to Otterbein, Lafayette, 3/1
  • Freemyer, Daniel from no appointment to Marion Christland, Marion, 7/1
  • Helm, Mark from Lapel Ford Street, Marion to Anderson St. Matthews, Marion, 7/1
  • Holdzkom, Steve from Anderson New Horizons, Marion to Lapel Ford Street, Marion, 7/1
  • Madison, Chris from Otterbein, Lafayette to Incapacity Leave, Lafayette, 3/1
  • Powell, Karen K. from Riverside, Muncie to Anderson New Horizons, Marion, 7/1