Spiritual Growth Study Food and Faith (All participants will take this study)

This study is about how our faith is nurtured, strengthened, and enhanced by food and all the ways that food touches our lives. North Indiana Study Leader is the Rev. Kate L. Walker. South Indiana Study Leader is Anne Bunch.

Giving Our Hearts Away (adult study) The purposes of this study are to learn about the inter-relatedness between the indigenous peoples and their land; identify key issues affecting Native Americans in the U. S. and their causes; understand and appreciate the "give away" culture of Native Americans and lead participants to act as responsible citizens and Christians in accompaniment and solidarity with Native Americans. North Indiana Study Leaders are Sandy Ruby, Genie Bank, Rita Gaither-Gant. South Indiana Study Leaders are Josephine Deere and Susan Jennys

Geographic Study: The Beauty and Courage of Sudan

Wars: unremitting, for nearly all its history. Climate change: looming crises creating drought and famine. Yet at Sudan's core is beauty, a spirit of courage and a richness of traditions and cultures. Explore an overview of Sudanese history, its main ethnicities, religious and languages; touch points and possible causes for the wars. North Indiana Study Leader is Nancy Myers. South Indiana Study Leaders are the Rev. David Jennys and Fernado Siaba.