The Steering Committee for the North and South Indiana United Methodist Women, and its subcommittees are busy forging the two conferences into one organization of United Methodist Women of the Indiana Conference.

Unlike the church, the United Methodist Women continue to operate as two separate entities through 2009. Vickie Newkirk and Jeanie Park co-chair the Steering Committee.

Subcommittees representing both conferences of United Methodist Women are busy writing budgets, School of Christian Mission guidelines and securing a place and time for the 2010 School of Christian Mission, and new Standing Rules are being created that will govern the new conference organization. The Subcommittee on Nominations is securing new officers for the inaugural year of 2010.

Bishop Michael Coyner will speak to those gathered at the joint North and South Indiana United Methodist Women's dinner at the Indiana Annual Conference of the Church at Ball State University on Thursday, June 25 at 5 p.m. The organization will celebrate 140 years of mission outreach at this combined United Methodist Women's dinner. An informational flyer for use in publicizing this event is available online at

The Program Subcommittee is planning the Reorganizational Meeting as one Indiana Conference of United Methodist Women on Saturday, Oct. 17 at the Zionsville United Methodist Church. Harriett Jane Olson, deputy general secretary to the Women's Division (the decision-making body of the organization) will be the guest speaker.

Officers for the newly-formed United Methodist Women of Indiana will be elected. Also, newly-formed districts of United Methodist Women will meet briefly that day for the first time as new district organizations of United Methodist Women to approve budgets and to elect officers.