BEDFORD, Ind. - The Bishop Roberts Memorial is organizing a workday to clean and reset monuments in the old section of the Lawrenceport Cemetery. According to Rosemary Brewer, caretaker for the cemetery, there are no records about the burials in this section. Many of the markers are not legible and it is our hope that after cleaning them we will be able to see the names and dates.

Many of the gravestones are lying on the ground and some are broken beyond repair. Others are leaning and need to be straightened, and many are missing completely. This section of the cemetery dates back to the 1840s era, and is the final resting place of many of the Bishop Roberts extended family and other pioneers of Lawrence County. Some of the early family names are Andrews, Pendergrast, Reynolds, Jolly, Oldham and Smith.

If you have an interest or would like to see if you can find a long-lost ancestor, join us for this workday. The more help we have the more we can do. When we have all the names and gravesites we can find, the area will be mapped and a permanent record will be added to the cemetery's history.

The Bishop Roberts Memorial is in the early planning stages and a firm date will be set in the near future. As of now, May 9 is the target date. For more information contact the Bishop Roberts Memorial at 812-849-2805 or e-mail