Alive Now, the devotional booklet published by the Upper Room, is printing a special Indiana May/June issue with all Indiana authors. Debbie Bushfield of Bloomington has served as local editor for this process, and she is very excited with the results.

One result is every clergy and lay member to the Indiana Annual Conference at our first Session in June 25-28 will receive a complimentary copy of this devotional booklet. Extra copies also will be on sale at the Cokesbury display to be purchased and shared with your families and your congregations.

I have seen a draft of the Alive Now issue for Indiana, and I agree with Debbie that this will be an excellent resource. The Indiana authors included in this issue are: Doug Anderson, Melissa Beard, Jayna Beutler, Susie Bloom, Debbie Bushfield, Marianne Chalstrom, Mike Coyner, Paula Gast, Shalimar W. Holderly, Pamela Keith, Andy Kinsey, M. Kent Millard, Kayc Mykrantz, Todd Outcalt, Julie Pimlott, Diane Purnell, Kimberly D. Reisman, Susan W.N. Ruach and Sharon White.

That is a great list, and I know that you will find their writings are especially poignant and helpful as a spiritual resource.

I feel honored on behalf of the Indiana Conference that we are being recognized as a source for spiritual insights throughout the whole denomination.

Watch for your special Indiana edition of Alive Now at conference.