NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The United Methodist General Board of Discipleship recently announced a new strategic alliance that has been formed between the agency and Path 1, and California-based MissionInsite, LLC.

As a result of the partnership with MissionInsite (, annual conferences, districts and congregations in the United States will have real-time access to community demographic information by the Web at a discounted rate.

"This new partnership will assist us in fulfilling our commitment to provide relevant and useful information that helps our denomination create new places for new people and renew existing congregations," said the Rev. Karen Greenwaldt, top executive of the General Board of Discipleship.

MissionInsite will provide GBOD/Path 1 with resources, at a substantial savings, that better identify where to fish for new people to make disciples of Jesus Christ," she said.

The partnership is one piece in the agency's overall new church growth strategy.

The Rev. Thomas Butcher, executive officer for New Church Starts and leader of the Path 1 Team, says that, through this effort, "church leaders will have access to a wealth of information about specific communities as they plan for church planting, growth and mission.

"The partnership will provide accurate, current and easy-to-access community demographics for churches and conferences."

Available as a two-tier package, the basic community demographic package, or tier one, includes: dynamic area analysis tools; demographics: census, calendar year and 5-year projections; church location, plotting and mapping; tools to create maps and reports; and standard aerial photography.

The congregant plot and analysis package, or tier two, will allow a local church to input data and then plot and analyze where congregants are located geographically. Congregant plotting, plot analysis tools and congregant plots will be available to churches that choose to add this service.

For more information, contact: Tom Butcher, 877-899-2780; ext. 7130 (GBOD/Path 1).