Dona Lou Imler (left) and Bill Imler (right) present Bishop Mike and Marsha Coyner (center) with an embroidered ulos ceremonial shawl during the Saturday morning session. The gift was presented on behalf of the Methodist Church of Banda Aceh as a thank you to Indiana United Methodists who gave more than $200,000 to the church for it restoration following the deadly tsunami.
North Elders ordained: Front row: William R. Garver, Diana Kay Siegel, Vickie Van Nevel, Catherine Nicole Koziatek
Middle row: Jeffrey Ernest Clinger, Donna K. Goings, Mark Andrew Need
Back row: Thomas M. Thews, Joseph Anthony Hornick, Kakez-A-Kapend Christian/td>
  North Probationary members commissioned: Front row: Jan Funk, Joshua M. Ditmer
Middle row: Matthew Walter Pickut, Amanda Renae Connett, Candyce Krider Kaiser, Jean Stone Ness, Jack D. Smith
Back row: Walter "Kevin" Drane, Nathan Eric Whybrew, Tony L. Johnson, Kevin Eugene Marsh
North Retirees: Front row left to right: Rich Frank, Denise Frank, Marilyn Dunten and David Dunten; Second row left to right: Gene Watson, Lois Rogers-Watson, Bill Kaster, Kay Schreffler, Keith Schreffler; Third row left to right: Larry DeVos, Kay DeVos, Sylvia Rhine; Back row far right: Terry Rhine
Not pictured: Joseph Andrews, Douglas Hadley, Sandra Knepple, Michael Malone, Timothy Wilbur, Lark Carlson Brown, DonnaJean Gammon
  South Elder (l-r): Jamalyn Alece Peigh-Williamson, Mitchell Hal Norwood, Bishop Coyner, Lisa Dianne Schubert, David Read Williamson and Gi-Chae Lee.
South Associate members (l-r): Dennis Wayne Alstott, Scott A. Bell, Bishop Coyner, Jeffery Lee Mair and Mark A. Powell.  
  South Probationary members: Front row (l-r): Marcy Lynn Patrick, Jill Moffett Howard, Renee Kathleen Perkins, Bishop Coyner, Sharon Lea Baker, Michael G. Torrance and Jenifer Stuelpe Gibbs. Back row (l-r): Ethan L. Maple, Michael Brice Collins, Matthew Swisher, Andrew Dennis Payton, Adam Michael Payne and Gregory K. Davis.  
South Retirees: Front row, left to right: Carol Wiley, Floyd Wiley, Lois Stevens, David Stevens, Margaret Pruden, Stanley Mullin. Back row, left to right: Robert McMillen, Carol McMillen, Gary Houston, Rose Houston, Linda Hamrick and Ted Hamrick, standing with Bishop Coyner.  

South Deacon:
Cynthia D. Wood and Bishop Coyner.


South Ordination recognized from another denomination:
Jimmy Moore and Bishop Coyner.