INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Area Bishop Mike Coyner recently announced the appointment of the Rev. Douglas Anderson to serve as superintendent of the Michiana District and North Indiana Cabinet member effective July 1.

In his announcement, Coyner said, "Doug has previously served as a superintendent of the Muncie District, so he brings a wealth of experience to this position. Given the transitional nature of the Imagine Indiana process and the possibility of reducing the number of districts in the next two years, I am asking Doug to serve as Michiana District superintendent on a half-time interim basis.

"I am also naming the Rev. Marianne Chalstrom to serve in the Michiana District alongside Doug as an associate district superintendent, who will work with the various district committees, handle pastoral care for pastors and families, and also provide some district programming. Marianne is a retired former superintendent who served the Warsaw District. She now lives in South Bend in the Michiana District, so she also brings a wealth of experience. Marianne and Doug will be working with the Michiana District as a 'team' much like what is proposed in the new Imagine Indiana design, along with the administrative assistant in the district office."

Installation service for the new superintendent team of the Michiana District will be at 6 p.m. on Sunday, July 20, at First UMC, 333 North Main Street in South Bend. Bishop Coyner will be leading an installation service. All clergy and laity of the Michiana District are invited and encouraged to attend.

The Rev. Robert Dexter, who served as superintendent to the Michiana District, was appointed to Mt. Olive United Methodist Church in Muncie effective July 1.