Bishop Michael J. Coyner has announced the following changes within the Indiana Area. All dates effective 2008 unless otherwise noted. These appointments are based on Cabinet reports received by Indiana Area Communication the month of September 2008.

South Indiana Conference

  • Abbott, Chad Robert from Voluntary Leave of Absence to Discontinued, 8/24
  • Ahlemeyer, Clayton from no appointment to New Market/New Market: Waveland, Indianapolis West, 9/1
  • Blackford, Thomas E. from Terre Haute: Memorial, Terre Haute to North Indiana Conference, 3/31
  • Blosser, Theodore Ray from Zionsville, Indianapolis West to Plainfield, Indianapolis West, 10/1
  • Boardman, Michael T. from no appointment to Retirement, 9/5
  • Dunbar, Deanna L. from Napoleon, Columbus to Napoleon/Delaware, Columbus, 9/1
  • Glass, Ann L. from Plainfield, Indianapolis West to Retirement, 9/30
  • Hamm, Saundra from Incapacity Leave to Retirement, 8/1
  • Hill, Jacqueline A. from no appointment to Metamora, Rushville, 9/1
  • Hock, Brendan from no appointment to Plainfield, Indianapolis West, 9/1
  • Leland, David L. from West Madison, Columbus to West Madison/Zoar, Columbus, 9/1
  • Low, David S. from Extension Ministry: Chaplain, St. Clare Medical Center, Crawfordsville and Waynetown, Indianapolis West to Waynetown, Indianapolis West, 7/1
  • Morgan, Mary Beth from Bloomington: First, Bloomington to Bloomington: St. Marks, Bloomington, 9/15
  • Shake, Jack D. from Dale/Dale: Garrison Chapel, Evansville to Dale, Evansville, 11/1
  • Stewart, Mark A. from Borden Circuit: Pleasant View/Borden Circuit: Daisy Hill, New Albany to Borden Circuit: Pleasant View/Borden Circuit: Daisy Hill/Corydon: Old Capitol, New Albany, 10/1
  • Stimson, Nancy E. from Voluntary Leave of Absence, to Retirement, 8/1
  • Tucker, Daniel E. from Friendship, Vincennes to Wheatland: Bruceville, Vincennes, 9/1

North Indiana Conference

  • Baszner, Robert M. from New Life, Kokomo to Voluntary Leave of Absence, 9/15
  • Harshman, Seth Robert from no appointment to Oak Chapel, Marion, 9/8
  • Kaiser, Candyce from no appointment to Heartfelt Hospice Care, Calumet, 7/1
  • Landis, Steve from Roll, Marion to no appointment, 9/7
  • McKnight, Elijah from no appointment to Hartford Trinity, Marion, 9/1
  • Moorehead, Amy Nici first appointment to Talma, Warsaw, 9/1
  • Pettys, Richard L. from Barkers Chapel, Fort Wayne to Mt. Zion/Barkers Chapel, Fort Wayne, 9/1
  • Ringenbach, Susan from Extension Ministry, Lafayette to Monticello, Lafayette, 10/1
  • Soultz, Al from Oak Chapel, Marion to no appointment, 9/1

Church closing

  • Roll UMC, Marion, 9/7