WARSAW, Ind. - During past three years, the Walnut Creek United Methodist Home Repair Ministry has actively been involved with the United Way by working at several sites in Kosciusko County in a single day. The United Way Day of Caring is a one-day event in which Grace College students pair with various repair teams to serve people in the community.

The Walnut Creek ministry is especially known for building wheelchair accessible ramps for elderly and the handicapped.

The Home Repair Ministry was created in 2001 when two United Methodist men saw a need to assist the elderly and single parents in their church with home repairs. A few members requested assistance with home maintenance and repairs such as window washing, replacing windows, painting, mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, tearing off and reroofing homes, and building wheelchair ramps.

Home Repair Ministry leaders also envision church members inviting friends beyond the church to help with home repairs. What began as a men's home repair project now includes teenagers and women.

This ministry has allowed men and women who have the passion, skills and gifts of serving to reach out to the community. Agencies often pay for the materials and supplies while this ministry group provides the labor. Individuals often donate funds to pay for materials.