Indiana - North Indiana: the Bridges (worship service for developmentally disabled children) in South Bend; the Lafayette Urban Ministries children's program; North Indiana Camp program; Bashor Children's Home and Kokomo Urban Outreach; Upendo; Cristiana Getsemani UMC, Fort Wayne. South Indiana: SIC Outdoor Ministries; Vida Nueava in Indianapolis; Brightwood Community Center; Fourteenth and Chestnut Community Center; SIC School of Christian Mission; Camp Encounter; the United Methodist Youth Home in Evansville; Indiana United Methodist Children's Home and Fletcher Place.

United States - Henderson Settlement in Kentucky; McCurdy Mission School in New Mexico; Covenant Education Center in Shiprock, N.M.; Red Bird School tuition in Kentucky; Tree of Life Ministry for Native American children in South Dakota; Gateway UMC, Children's Ministries, Gulfport, Mississippi; North Rampart Street Community Center, New Orleans, Louisiana

World - Ishe Anesau Project, Zimbabwe; Babyfold, Old Mutare Hospital, Zimbawe; Grace Children's Hospital, Haiti; Warne Babyfold and Lane School, Bareilly, India; Ministry with Children, Shade and Fresh Water Project, Brazil; Homeless and Abandoned Children, Kamina, Congo; Front Porch Orphans of Zambezi, Congo Zambezi and Infant Welfare Center, Old Jerusalem; Cambodia: Community Development Project, Tonie Basak and Bording; Kafakumba, Children's Programming Marion IN, Mission Storehouse.

Programs supported by this offering are selected by the United Methodist Indiana Area Special Offerings Committee.

These programs are among those endorsed by the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministri