Lay pastors not included

I call your attention to the story in the October edition of Together titled "Clergywomen break new ground in large churches." The story cites 88 clergywomen serving in the North Conference, and 104 in the South Conference. Unfortunately, only deacons and elders are counted; local pastors are not included in the count. I'm afraid the story missed a group of women serving as pastors in churches in Indiana.

It is a fine story; it is a shame that so many of us women she was talking about were excluded.

Pastor Jill Lowry-Sills
Atkins Chapel, Floyds Knobs

Editor's note: We regret the omission of important segments of the clergywomen community. According to the most recent 2008 conference journal statistics, in the former North Indiana Conference there are 7 full-time local female pastors and 43 part-time local female pastors. In the former South Indiana Conference, there are 4 full-time local female pastors and 41 part-time local female pastors. Another category not listed in the October story is associate or affiliate members. In this category, there are 5 females in the North and 4 in the South. In both former annual conferences, one in five pastors is a female pastor.