INDIANAPOLIS - The Rev. Kent Millard of Indianapolis chaired the first meeting of the new 19-member interim Indiana Conference Council on Finance and Administration Oct. 23 at the Indiana Area office in Indianapolis.

Kent Millard


The new CF&A is composed of an equal number of representatives from the two former Indiana conferences. The most pressing issues facing the council are deficits in both North and South camping programs, buying and selling conference property, interpreting the work of the general church and increasing general church income from the conference which is considerable less than expected. Members agreed that stewardship education needs to be a major thrust of the new CF&A.

Brent Williams, North Indiana Conference treasurer of Marion, reported tithing and general church income received through Oct. 15 totaled $5.1 million, compared to $5.4 million last year at this time. At the end of September, the NIC had a deficit of $696,667. Expected conference tithe and general church income for 2008 is estimated to be $8 million or $900,000 short of budget. The NIC CFA asked NIC groups to adjust budgets lower to accommodate lower tithe and general conference receipts.

Jennifer Gallagher, South Indiana Conference treasurer of Bloomington, reported tithing and general church income received through Sept. totaled $5.36 million or 58 percent of the budget received. Through September, SIC budget related expenses (both general church and conference) comprised 64 percent or $5.9 million of the 2008 budget of $9.28 million. As of Sept. 30, the SIC had a deficit of $614,555 in the general church and conference expense budgets combined. In both conferences overall, churches are paying their conference tithe at a much higher percentage than they are paying their general conference apportionments.

In other business, the interim CF&A elected April Largent of Clarksville as vice-chair and Ethelenor Williams of Indianapolis as secretary. Millard appointed these committee chairs: Jack Dwiggins of Brookston to Pensions and Health Benefits, the Rev. Paul Arnold of Columbia City to Connectional Ministry Issues, Ron Frieden of Indianapolis to Stewardship and Tithing and the Rev. George Purnell of Bloomington to Personnel Issues. CF&A is scheduled to meet Nov. 20, Jan. 15, Feb. 19, March 19 and April 16.

Mark Dicken


Like CF&A, the new Indiana Conference Trustees met for the first time Oct. 24 to begin their work. The Trustees initiated the process to incorporate the new conference and began collecting data about conference and district property, assets and bequests. Other responsibilities include selling existing conference properties and buying or leasing new properties next year as the conferences moves from 18 district offices, two conference centers and one area office to five resource centers and an Indiana Conference center in Indianapolis.

The Trustees elected Rev. Mark Dicken of Newburgh as president, Al Brothers of Leo as vice-president and the Rev. Tom Ream of Warsaw as secretary.