Bishop Michael J. Coyner has announced the following changes within the Indiana Area. All dates effective 2009 unless otherwise noted. These appointments are based on Cabinet reports received by Indiana Area Communication during the month of February 2009.

North Indiana Conference

  • None this month

South Indiana Conference

  • Alexander, Michael David from Indianapolis: Aldersgate, Indianapolis West to Linton: First, Bloomington, 3/15
  • Bilskie, Faye from Emison, Vincennes to Extension Ministry: Good Samaritan Hospice, 2/22
  • Crow, Joe from Moores Ridge, Bloomington to no appointment, 1/31
    Cummings, David Carlysle from Centenary, Evansville to Voluntary Leave of Absence, 2/1
  • Jeffers, Terry from no appointment to Lewis, Terre Haute, 10/1/08
  • Renick Christopher R. from Spiceland, Rushville to Crawfordsville: Christ/New Richmond, Indianapolis West, 1/1
  • Roberts, Gerald E. Sr. from New Bethel: Paynesville/New Bethel, Columbus to New Bethel: Paynesville, Columbus, 2/1
  • Schaar, Gary Marvin from South Indiana Conference to Columbus: First, Columbus, 7/1
  • Walters, Robert Joe from South Indiana Conference to Extension Ministry: Friendly Planet Missiology, 07/01
  • Wiley, Carol R. from no appointment to Spiceland, Rushville, 02/01
  • Witt, Douglas Alan from Linton: First, Bloomington to Emison, Vincennes, 1/15