Since it is important to be as prepared as possible for the next go-around of disasters, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) Disaster Preparedness Academy for the church's North Central Jurisdiction is scheduled for April 19-22 at Epworth Forest at North Webster, Ind.

All Conference Disaster Response Coordinators, Conference Directors of Connectional Ministries and Conference UMVIM Coordinators or their designated substitute are encouraged to attend this academy presented by the UMCOR. Anyone with an interest in this ministry also is invited to come and learn and participate. Final registration details are in the Winter UMVIM-NCJ (Jan 2009) newsletter and online at

Here are available sessions:

  • Early Response Team Training on April 20;
  • Case Management Training on April 20-21;
  • Conference Training Session on April 20;

UMCOR provides training to on disaster preparation and response. UMCOR also offers close guidance in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.

  • Train the Trainer, April 21-22;
  • Volunteer Management Training, April 21;
  • Local Church Planning and Preparedness presented on April 22; and
  • UMVIM Team Leadership on April 22;

For more information, contact Lorna Jost at 605-692-3390 or online at