In 1986, the United Methodist Council of Bishops published the document In Defense of Creation which strongly opposed nuclear arms. The document was read aloud in most UMC churches. It was the subject of study and discussion among many small groups in The United Methodist Church.

Now, 23 years later, our Council of Bishops is preparing to issue a revised In Defense of Creation document. This time they have identified three interconnected issues that threaten God's Creation:

  1. Ongoing nuclear danger and the realities of violence
  2. Degradation of the environment and global climate change
  3. Pandemic poverty and disease in the struggles of a billion people for subsistence

The Bishop's Task Force is requesting each conference to have a "listening-learning" event on these issues and then report the findings to the Bishop's Task Force with comments, suggestions and requests.

The Rev. Dennis Shock, a retired Indiana UM Elder living in Carmel, has been asked to help coordinate such an event and would be interested in knowing who might like to assist him. Also, he would appreciate thoughts and comments in general about resources and ideas for such an event. He has already identified several people who have an interest in these issues, but could use more names. His own personal interest of late has been on the alarming issue of global warming.

The event will probably be on a Saturday in late April or early May and will last from three to four hours. The deadline for such an event is the end of this May. If you are interested in working on such and event, contact Shock at