Mark and Therese Eutsler, of the Linden UMC in Linden, Ind., took their two children, Abigail and Andrew, to Washington D.C., in January to experience firsthand the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. Braving cold, dark days and hundreds of thousands of people, they witnessed both an important event in American history, as well as how The United Methodist Church interacted with this event. Here are Mark's reflections.

"Being there in person gives one the opportunity to see and maybe even meet some of the people we read about in the newspaper, see on TV, keep up with by blogs and discuss with our friends. These are people who represent us. They have the same needs and desires we all have. They need our prayers and support. They need our feedback for our democracy to be an interdependent enterprise. It also gave us the opportunity to see an event we've been privileged to attend a few other times, but now through the eyes of our children. Freshening our perspective is a good thing.

"We attended worship services at Asbury United Methodist Church, where we were treated to Bishop John Schol and Bishop Felton May, who preached. May's perspective was President Obama is reaching out to people with a message of hope that mirrors the message contained in the Christian Gospels. He said Obama was communicating to people in way that the church should be; in a way the church professes to be, but doesn't."