Calling all walking champions

Indiana United Methodist conference members under the HealthFlex health-care insurance program now have the opportunity to earn money while walking off pounds.

Virgin HealthMiles pedometerThe new HealthMiles program, sponsored by HealthFlex and the Center for Health, issues electronic pedometers to participants and spouses to keep track of how many miles they have accumulated. At each tier, participants receive a cash reward.

The HealthMiles program builds during a 12-month period, encouraging participants to higher and higher reward levels just by getting active and tracking progress. Participants can earn up to $300 in rewards.

While striving to get to the next level for more rewards, participants' health and fitness are most likely improving, too.

For more information or to sign up for the HealthMiles program, North Indiana HealthFlex participants can log on to South Indiana HealthFlex participants can log on to Click on "Join Now" at the bottom of the page then complete a personal information form to register. Double check your address is correct, as this will be where your pedometer/s will be mailed.

Virgin HealthMiles logoHealthMiles participants will need to:

  • Complete a Health Snapshot - a brief health questionnaire for which one earns 1,000 HealthMiles
  • Complete the Manage Account page to have a free GoZone (pedometer) mailed to you.
  • Download the GoZone software onto your computer. It can be found under the Activity Tracking Devices link
  • Once one receives the GoZone pedometer, activate it and register it (instructions on the package as well as in the by following the Activity Tracking Devices link under Activity once one logs into the LifeZone Web site.

For participants having any difficulties signing up for the program or having any questions or ideas about how they can help Hoosier United Methodist participants get excited about the walking program, please contact Kelly Piepenbrink, the Health and Wellness Program Manager for HealthFlex and the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits, at 847-866-4058 or by e-mail at