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You and your congregation can join United Methodists worldwide by making a special offering through One Great Hour of Sharing to support humanitarian aid through the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). You can be assured that when catastrophes cause suffering, your church, impelled by Jesus' love and compassion, will be in the lead to ease the pain.

UMCOR is a good steward of God's gifts. Offering gifts over and above those used to cover administrative costs are channeled where they're most needed. UMCOR's specialized ministries-responding in disaster, fighting hunger, alleviating poverty, providing relief supplies around the world, and offering hospitality to immigrants and refugees-all assist the most vulnerable people whose need is greatest.

One Great Hour of Sharing is helping to rebuild lives and communities around the world through UMCOR. Indiana received three $10,000 emergency grants from UMCOR this past year to assist in flood clean up.

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No World Service Funds come to UMCOR, meaning general church apportionments given by local churches are not part of UMCOR's funding or any other apportionments or conference tithes. Your gifts mean we're right there with hardworking families, people who are affected by storms or war, disaster or disease.

"The One Great Hour of Sharing offering on March 22 provides for those basic needs that make the rest of UMCOR's work possible," says the Rev. Sam W. Dixon, Deputy General Secretary of UMCOR. "Without this offering so much of what UMCOR does to bring hope and healing to the world could not happen."

The One Great Hour of Sharing offering is essential to UMCOR-and to lifesaving ministries in Kenya (see page 8) and around the world.

You can support UMCOR's efforts to give relief to the people of Kenya by giving to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering March 22. Please give generously. Thank you!

Giving to One Great Hour of Sharing, one of the six churchwide Special Sundays ensures that 100 percent of your designated gift goes to specific causes.

Order resources today. An offering envelope can be inserted into every bulletin the day of the offering. There also are posters available that can be used to decorate a bulletin board or church school classrooms. For materials to assist you in One Great Hour of Sharing, log on to and click on "Drought, Famine Threaten Kenya."

For support materials, click on "Connectional Giving Program - Special Sundays."