Imagine nine regional churches coming together to speak the same language: the language of urgency for our congregations and community. Now. Not yesterday; not tomorrow; but Now. This message is being heard in Greene and Owen Counties through five United Methodist congregations [Bloomfield, Freedom, Greene County Chapel, Solsberry, and Folsom Memorial]; as well as other local congregations - Baptist, Disciples of Christ, Independent Christian and Full Gospel. The message is being carried out through various vehicles of media such as: billboards, removable bumper stickers, and large outside vinyl banners. The campaign is called, "Many Churches, One Voice - Now" Campaign.

"This is an amazing way to communicate the Gospel message to the community and with a sense of unity," explained the Rev. Kevin Raidy of Bloomfield. "What would happen if we prayed now? You know when people say to you, 'I'll pray for you.' Do they really pray with a sense of urgency? What would happen if the next time someone told you, 'I'll pray for you' you might say, 'How about now ? The same is true for believing, serving, worshiping, forgiving, and loving. Why wait? Why not do it now?"

The campaign will begin the first Sunday of Lent and will end on Easter. The Rev. Ed Beedle of Solsberry and Greene County Chapel UMCs elaborated, "We believe this message is important reminder to our community and the world, especially during Lent and Easter. What a great way for our congregations to be living witnesses of our faith through this campaign."

"It's a powerful statement of Christian unity, even across our differences," said the Rev. Colin Cress of the Folsom/Freedom charge. "It's one thing for someone to say, 'Oh, all churches are the same, aren't they?' But it's another thing when we actually do share and live our faith the way we should, and do it together. If we're all living our faith "in the now," people will see the Spirit we share."