For those unfamiliar with Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service (NOMADS), it is a volunteer mission outreach ministry of The United Methodist Church. The NOMADS' program is specific to individuals and couples with RV's who wish to be involved in Christian service. Participants furnish their own RV and all costs for traveling to the mission sites, prepare their own meals while at a project and work four days a week for three weeks, totaling about 24 to 28 hours per week.

NOMADS works for any agency that is associated with UMC. The host agency must provide water and electricity. NOMADS has teams that will install RV hookups for a host site that might wish to have continuing work teams.

About one third of the NOMADS' budget comes from church donations, one third from individual donations and the rest from members' dues, grants and interest. Overhead costs (only one paid administrator) are kept low by utilizing volunteers.

At its recent National Reunion, NOMADS was challenged to look to God's guidance as it envisioned the next 20 years of service. After prayer and study, the group developed a visioning plan for the next five years and these goals fit in two categories: increasing volunteer resources and increasing financial resources. The Board will conduct an Annual Giving Campaign to raise portion of the money needed to supplement the efforts of local United Methodists in service to their communities. NOMADS plans to actively recruit new members.

All United Methodists are encouraged to support this worthy cause. Clergy may suggest NOMADS as a mission project, and encourage members with an RV to consider joining this mission organization.

NOMADS remains willing to come to any church to make a presentation, either to a congregation, a senior group or a mission team. Please call Lynn Powers at 765-427-8128 for scheduling. For free brochures and additional information, you may contact NOMAD'S director at 866-466-6237.