Nothing But Nets is creating a buzz. It's captivating United Methodists as a way to be involved with saving lives. Thousands of people have bought insecticide-treated bed nets at $10 a shot.

"The reaction to Rick Reilly's 815 words made clear that thousands of people were ready to help the million children dying unnecessarily each year of malaria. And so Nothing But Nets was born." - UN Foundation Web site,

United Methodist Communication announces four new resources.

  1. WEB SITE The new site has been launched. For example, clicking 'Find Tools and Resources' reveals the Game Plan, a plethora of downloadable resources, including worship support, curriculum and publicity materials - as well as Talking Points for Youth. Click on 'Get Youth Involved' and you will see explanations of youth events in 2007 and invitations to get hands-on with the campaign.

  2. GAME PLAN In addition to being available on the new Web site, the Game Plan (also known as a toolkit) can be ordered for $15. The Game Plan has a sample T-shirt, a poster and a DVD that contains downloadable video, guidelines, sermon starters, curriculum, bulletin covers, drop-in ads, posters and more. It's packaged in a draw-string duffel bag.
    Available by way of the Game Plan or from the Web site, T-shirts sell for $20, with $10 going to purchase a bed net. Coach cards (note cards) will sell for $10 and will be available soon.

  3. 7 VILLAGES We know people want to talk about their activities and to learn what others are doing. offers a 7 Villages site (networking with others on the Internet) just for Nothing But Nets. We need someone to start a Village - so reach out and be among the first village builders. See

  4. YOUTH REPORTERS UM Communication is looking for youth to serve as reporters on the ground for youth activities so if you haven't already done so, please send contacts UM Communication can work with to tap youth for this special assignment to or call 317-924-1321ext.18.