Okay, enough about the numbers. There are certainly enough to toss around. We can talk about the construction project worth $4.2 million. We've told you our census has risen 77 percent. And we are proud of the 95 percent success rate among students enrolled in the three education programs. So, how do all of these numbers translate? A sampling of parents to tell their story:

"I thought you would like to know how well Jackson is doing since he went back to school. He actually made the honor roll for the first grading period! He is in the general classroom for everything except math, where he is pulled for a little extra help.

"Jackson has made great progress. He got the principal's award about a week ago and he got an award for having a positive attitude that was presented in front of a school assembly! I know I owe a great deal of credit to the program at Bashor. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- From the mother of a student in the BEEP program.

"We would like to extend our most sincere and heart-felt thank you to Bashor Children's Home for the positive transformation of our son, Jacob. He came to your program after a three-year struggle in the public school system where he spent all of his time confined to a special educational classroom. During his first four months in the fourth grade, he was suspended for violent outbursts eight times. We were given the choice of home bound care or your program.

"We made the right choice. We saw changes on Jacob in the first week! The program provided structure and the kind of positive reinforcement he lacked in the school environment. He enjoyed team building and other social activities and finally felt accepted. Although he would say every day was his last one at Bashor, he got off the school bus every afternoon with a smile on his face, which was something we had not seen in a long time.

"In seven months at Bashor, Jacob grew into a happy and successful child. His confidence grew. We have our son back."

- Portions of a letter from the mother of a BAS student who transitioned back to public school.

"We thank everyone for all you've done for Lance and our family. The biggest gift you have given us is hope! You have no idea what an answer to prayer you have been. May God bless every one of you this Christmas season. We know many of you will have to sacrifice time with your families to help take care of ours. Thank you so much! Please know how much we appreciate all of you!"

- A holiday note from the parents of a HOPE resident.

"I express my deep appreciation for the fine work the teachers and staff have done with my grandson. He has been in my care since he was six years old and has always had some trouble dealing with his anger. He was moved out of middle school and tried two alternative programs before he came to you.

"He still has trouble trusting people, but he has been able to learn to control his temper and has been able to walk away from situations that would have caused an outburst in the past. You taught him that. Without the help of those involved at Bashor he would probably still be struggling. Thank you."

- From a grateful grandmother.

"I write to let you know what a wonderful job you have done with Brent and how much I appreciate your being a part of his life. As Brent has been at Bashor for three years now, I am sure that as much as you are excited to see him move on and further his life, it is sad to see him go.

Although he will still need assistance, Brent is a better person for having known all the wonderful people who touched his life at Bashor.

- From an adoption specialist with Catholic Charities.