Bashor Children's Home began as the Bashor Deaconess Orphanage on land donated to The Methodist Episcopal Church by John and Emaline Bashor in 1923.

The church governed a boys orphanage until it suspended operations during World War II. It was reopened in 1950 and remained an orphanage through 1968.

Bashor Children's Home refocused its mission on residential child care in 1969 and launched a period of rapid growth as the agency adapted to the changing needs of the community:

1971 - Completed construction of four residential cottages and Arbogast Center.

1974 - Established a remedial education program, first at the junior high school level; a high school program came two years later.

1977 - Established off-campus emergency shelter care for boys and girls. The shelter program was relocated on campus in 1994.

1981 - Completed construction of the school and activities center.

1989 - Established an intensive treatment program to address the needs of children with severe emotional handicaps.

1996 - Established a youthful sexual offender program, targeted for boys ages 8-13, in cooperation with Oaklawn and Holy Cross.

1997 - Completed work on the Lung/Stull Complex featuring a secure residential unit, classrooms, group rooms and office space.

1998 - Created a drug and alcohol addictions program for adolescents to provide treatment, counseling and family therapy.

2001 - Completed a major campus-wide improvement project that included complete renovation of the residential cottages, new roads and remodeling an old maintenance garage for classroom and computer space. Recreational facilities expanded with the addition of The Pekarek Adventures Course, a softball diamond and a soccer field.

2002 - Expanded FAITH program to create a continuum of care in four phases: locked secure, staff secure, substance abuse treatment and independent living.

2004 - Established short-term elementary education day program in cooperation with area school districts.

2005 - Established Therapeutic Foster Care program.

2005 - Began $4 million building project for expanded Educational Services Center, including classrooms, media center, computer lab, science lab, arts and crafts room, dining hall, and office space.