FORT WAYNE, Ind. - College and university students, faculty, staff and others from across the state traveled to Fort Wayne on March 31 to participate in the Indiana State Education Association's Third Annual "Outreach to Teach" efforts at Levan R. Scott Academy. With leadership provided by state ISEA executive board members and the Outreach to Teach Committee, more than 170 volunteers, including college education majors, active teachers, retired teachers, college faculty members, community members, and Scott Academy's staff, rolled up their sleeves for this year's event.

Chaired by Ashleigh Schoff, a senior majoring in education at the United Methodist-related University of Evansville, the program accomplished many renovations and refurbishment at Scott Academy. Projects included: painting, cleaning, landscaping and several projects which will transform the learning environment.

Program participants adopted the general theme of lighthouses. A book on lighthouses will be given to the school. From that book, several lighthouse paintings were made and hung throughout the school, as well as placards that have inspirational messages for the students.

Benches were built and installed on the playground, as well as trees planted.

"This was an important endeavor because it affects the lives of many students at the school and also makes a difference in teachers' lives," Schoff said. "The project makes the teachers and students feel they are important to our sate and we tried to create environments for students that will help them learn."

Outreach to Teach is a program which began in 1998 by the National Education Association as a way to demonstrate their commitment to improving the educational environment of selected schools by helping to improve the quality of one school each year.