By Jean M. Brindel

The Outdoor Camping Ministry continues to be the premier ministry of the North Indiana Conference; this has been the case for several generations. Through the years, many of the adult ministries that are rooted at the Epworth site near North Webster have relocated because of conditions of the current facilities. One of those ministries is the School of Christian Mission.

John and Joyce Elliott remember the fun of those days in an excerpt from their book, A Forest Aflame. They wrote: "To make life a little easier at the school of Christian Mission, some older women used a downstairs dorm area in the cottage. One day screaming from an older women's room was heard, followed by hysterical laughter. 'What's happened?' asked another cabin resident as she rushed in. 'My roommate screamed because she put on my glasses instead of her own. She was terrified and cried out, I can't see! I can't see!' still laughing hysterically she continued, 'I told her I hoped she didn't get our teeth mixed up.'

One of the major emphases of the Outdoor Ministry Project is to create adult-friendly space at the Epworth Forest Camp site that adult ministries can again occur in a comfortable, safe and accessible place. The Outdoor Ministry Building Committee is hard at work keeping an eye on the need for adult-friendly space at Epworth Forest.

In just a few short months, North Indiana United Methodists will be hearing about how they can invest in making Epworth Forest a place where adults and youth have access to the joy of being the church.

As far as glasses and false teeth go, you may be on your own.

The Rev. Jean Brindel serves as senior pastor of Saint Matthew UMC in Frankfort, Ind., and is chair of the North Indiana Conference Camp Design Leadership team.