In 2006 the Area Episcopacy Committee presented identical recommendations to the North Indiana and South Indiana Conferences. It was endorsed by the North Indiana Strategy Council and the South Indiana Futuring Task Force. You can find the document recorded in the 2006 North Indiana Conference Journal (pages 1405-6) and in the 2006 South Indiana Conference Journal (pages 112 and 189-90). The recommendation that follows was adopted by an 80% majority in both conferences:

Therefore, be it resolved that both the North Indiana and the South Indiana Conferences meeting in their 2006 Sessions affirm their desire to have this study of the creation of a new conference for the UMC in Indiana be continued, with a proposal brought back to both conferences for a vote in their 2007 Sessions (as well as an opportunity for further revisions and votes in their 2008 Sessions), with the understanding that the actual creation of a new conference would not commence until after the 2008 vote of the North Central Jurisdictional Conference.

The Discipline of the United Methodist Church requires approval from the appropriate Jurisdictional Conference for any re-alignments of Annual Conferences. The deadline to submit such a request in the North Central Jurisdiction is January 2008 in order for approval to be considered at the North Central Jurisdictional Conference in July 2008. This request does not need to contain implementation details. This process will allow such details, including a transitional process, to be presented for a vote to the 2008 sessions of the North Indiana and South Indiana Annual Conferences.