Methodist, Evangelical, and United Brethren churches have been organized in a wide variety of conferences in the state of Indiana. The most recent history leading to the formation of the North Indiana and South Indiana Conferences of the United Methodist Church in 1968 involved the merger of three Methodist Conferences, two Evangelical United Brethren Conferences, and one Conference of the Central Jurisdiction. In 1968 the new configuration of two Indiana Conferences was established on the basis of population and number of churches. The original North Indiana and South Indiana Conferences were organized with 10 Districts in each conference. In 1992, the district lines were re-drawn and formed into 9 districts in each conference. This is the current configuration for the two conferences.

A study committee was formed by Bishop Leroy Hodapp in 1990 to dialogue about effective ministry in Indiana and the possible merger of the two Indiana Conferences, or the separation of the area with each conference having its own bishop. There was an episcopal change and the dialog ended.

In 1997 a new discussion emerged. A study committee looked at a model for ministry that grouped churches by size and demographics and looked at the role of superintendency. This model also examined the possibility of ministry across established conference lines. There was no action on this proposal.