Thanks to Crossroads

As we leave the Park Place Community Church, on our journey back to our home church at Linwood, the Pastor and Mrs. John Ray, along with all of us at Park Place Community Church, thank our wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ at the Crossroads United Methodist Church (in Anderson) for their acts of kindness and Christian love, making it possible for us to have a place of worship for the past year. We are so grateful for their spiritual hand up.

They have worked with deep compassion and a love of Christ so that our congregation could have a place to hold church and worship together. They allowed us to move in and make it our home and left everything we needed to immediately hold church services - from hymnals to pianos, an organ, office supplies and equipment, furniture right down to the kitchen appliances and dishes. And the list goes on.

We speak for everyone at our church when we say there are no words to express our gratitude for what you have done to help us. As blessed and excited as we are to be returning to our home church, there is yet sadness in our hearts as we leave that beautiful sanctuary where so many saints have walked its aisles and knelt at its altar. But, we take with us memories that will last a lifetime and also the blessing of becoming part of another family of God through Crossroads UMC.

You have shown us a glimpse of how heaven will be - all faiths coming together as one body of believers in the name of Jesus, not separated by how we come to him in worship, and bonded by the good news and our faith in God.

Buddy & Joyce Patterson
Chesterfield, Ind.

An Open Letter to Governor Daniels

Since you ran for Governor, you said you opposed the expansion of legalized gambling in Indiana. That is until now when you said you would sign HB1835 legalizing 2,000 slot machines at each of Indiana's two horse race tracks in Anderson and Shelbyville. To those of us who believed you meant what you said, we are very disappointed that you have given in to the gambling interests of Indiana.

I appreciate that you said you would support HB1510 designed to shut down illegal electronic gambling devices common known as Cherry Masters, but do not believe permitting slot casinos at the race tracks coupled with enforcement of illegal gambling will lessen gambling in Indiana. The expansion of legalized gambling at the tracks brings land-based casino gambling to central Indiana and opens a new chapter in the expansion of legalized gambling to this state. You have forsaken your promise to oppose legalized gambling.

When is enough, enough? Enough is never enough with the gambling industry that continues to expand its casinos and creates new markets. Now it seems enough is never enough with the majority of Senators and Representatives in the General Assembly that would rather expand legalized gambling to raise revenue than pass tax increases. The State of Indiana has a pathological addiction to gambling that resides at the State House.

Thousands of Hoosiers are concerned about the state's gambling behavior because an expansion of gambling will entice thousands of Hoosiers to become addicted to gambling and will cost thousands of Hoosier households in personal bankruptcies, foreclosures, employee absenteeism, broken families, abuse, divorce and even suicide. Indiana already spends more than $100 million a year in social problems and enforcement connected with casino gambling, but feels it is worth the cost to open two more casinos.

I am disappointed in you, Governor Daniels, because you have chosen what is politically expedient rather than the best far reaching solution for Indiana. You know gambling is detrimental to the common good and destructive to the best interests of the state.

Growing up and living in Indiana has been a matter of pride and joy for me. I am becoming ashamed of my State for what we are encouraging our citizens to do and to become. For the sake of revenue, our General Assembly has chosen to become blind to the human tragedy of broken families, jobs, lives and dreams. With the desire for our citizens to engage in gambling, we deny the opportunity for constructive businesses to build the economic stability this state needs. For the sake of easy money, I fear we are trading the best of community life for a gloomy future. Governor, is that what you really want? Is that what you think Indiana wants? God save us from ourselves.

Lorin L. Clemenz, coordinator
Indiana Coalition Against Legalized Gambling
Fishers, Ind.

Terminate slots

Terminate slot machine legislation immediately! Boondoggle Indiana House Bill 1835 hypocritically expands wagering and shamefully authorizes 2,000 "one-armed bandits" at each of the Anderson and Shelbyville locations. Both chambers passed the immoral statutes; conference groups reconciled differences and compromised; final draft approved. The session concluded April 29. Governor Mitch Daniels says he will sign the bill.

End of issue? Absolutely NOT! Express your worthy opinion, ONE person can make a difference in the ultimate outcome!

Relevant considerations to thoughtfully ponder:

  • Backsliding wagering is inherently wrong and decadent!

  • Good or evil? Revenue more important than righteousness?

  • Government sponsored betting is a "regressive" NEW tax!

  • Gambling harms many (addiction, temptation, greed, waste), helps few!

  • Sinister lobbyists control agenda, Hoosier Park/Centaur/Indiana Downs spent more than $250,000 in latest reporting period mostly statewide! Benevolent or ulterior motive?

  • Indiana already third nationwide in gaming revenue!

  • Repudiate intimidation, manipulation, propaganda, deceitful collusion and dastardly misrepresentation!

  • Beware and distrust unholy alliances uniting incumbents, heathens, publishers, lobbyists, bettors and profiteers!

  • Installed "racino" slots are PERMANENT, never REMOVED!

  • Would Jesus tolerate vile slot machines?

Do God-fearing, law-abiding residents want Anderson (and Shelbyville) labeled a notorious havens for trotters, slotters, plotters and police blotters? Reject APATHY, oppose sin proliferation and PERSEVERE!

Dave Pettigrew
Anderson, Ind.