As Together goes to press, an Operation Classroom work team from the Muncie and Rushville Districts is currently at Baoma Secondary School in Sierra Leone until July 7. This is the school that both districts have been supporting.

The United Methodist supported schools in Sierra Leone are in need of so many things - paper, books, pencils, pens, chalk, desks, benches, qualified teachers, housing for teachers, and the list goes on. Likewise, there is a very long list of students and their families who know that to get an education is the hope for the future of the family and of Sierra Leone.

In addition to working two weeks on the school project refurbishing the principal's house at Baoma, the team hopes to walk on a trail for about 45 minutes to visit a small remote village in the bush. They planned to visit many UMC mission projects, schools and hospitals, clinics and orphanages.

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