With a total of six Quiz-Ins, 27 quizzers, 31 quizzes and a potential of at least 100 points per quiz, Lydia Einselen from McGrawsville UMC knows how to "cram" God's Word! Lydia ended the year of Kokomo District Bible Quizzing with 3,090 points and an average of 99.7 points per quiz!

Her rewards were numerous as well, winning five team trophies, six Top-Three Quizzers medals and at the final quiz-in on Saturday, June 2, she received the Number One Top Ten Quizzer trophy and medallion. As a seventh grader, that is quite an accomplishment. But on the quiz seats, everyone is equal.

This year's quizzing competition was over the book of Acts chapters one through twelve. Since the program was just getting started in the district, each quiz was only over four chapters at a time with each subsequent quiz repeating two chapters while adding two new chapters.

Youth leaders of Kokomo Main Street UMC, McGrawsville, St. Luke's, Bunker Hill, Shiloh, Zion, Alto and Kokomo Grace UMCs met together to help get the program started and each quiz was hosted among the district's churches.

Bible quizzing will pick up again from September to April on the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon. For more information and pictures. Log on to the the district's Web site at www.gbgm.org/kokomoumc.