Bishop Mike Coyner told members of both annual conferences that something new is going on in our denomination. He introduced four calls to action.

  1. Live the UM way. Live the Wesley model of discipleship with a reemphasis upon the General Rules of the church - Do no harm; do all the good you can; and stay in love with God through the ordinances of the church.

  2. Starting new churches. The goal is 650 new churches from 2009 through 2012, with an annual goal from then on of 365 churches a year or one a day. Outside the U.S. we start 400 churches a year.

  3. Reaching the children started in 1996 with Children and Poverty, we want to reach the children of our communities, not just our churches.

  4. Stamping out the poverty diseases of Malaria and HIV/AIDS. More than 3,000 children a day die of malaria in Africa. We can eliminate malaria in our lifetime.