Paula Mayberry, chairperson of the South Indiana Conference Board of Evangelism and Church Growth said, (we need to) "Open our hearts and minds to let the wind blow through us. The wind of God's spirit - the Holy Spirit - is allowed to blow through us."

Ken Grubb of Acton UMC said, "We should step it up a notch to see if we can do the best job possible with requests for church new start activities. We are moving from quarterly meetings to meet more often."

Glenda Riggs of the small membership church section said 75 percent of the churches in the conference are small membership churches. "We are very important to this conference and the UMC. We are charged with encouraging and challenging each district in serving small membership congregations, empower, celebrating the small membership."

Mayberry reported the board also has a section on Hispanic and Latino ministries and work together with the North Indiana Conference.

Gary Schaar of congregational development reported, "There is a great wealth of good people seeking ways to be engaged in ministry." His office wishes to identify and deploy coaches for new church development and small church support. He also addresses needs of ethnic minority churches and Native American ministries.

Mayberry reported that four evangelism workshops were held in April. A video by Bishop Coyner on evangelism will be distributed to all churches this summer.

A new section on evangelism will be chaired by Jean Winter. The conference changed the name of this board to the Board of Evangelism and Church Growth. Jim Bushfield asked that the board consider the growing needs of mid-sized congregations.