Paul Arnold, chair of the North Indiana Conference Council on Finance and Administration, reported to the NIC session that the new tithing model is working. He said by mid-May, 269 churches were giving at 100 percent and above of their previous year's askings and that 360 churches were giving at 95 percent and above. On May 15, $2.4 million or 24 percent of the budget had been received, compared to last year when $2.2 million or 22 percent of the budget had been received.

He also reported that in 2006, the conference had $39,013 in under-funded expenses compared to the previous year when it had $129,957 in under-funded expenses.

The conference will continue to use the tithing model for connectional giving. Conference leaders, clergy and lay members are asked to tithe 10 percent of income to their local church. Local churches in turn are asked to tithe monthly 10 percent of their churches' income to the North Indiana Conference.

The conference approved a 2008 expense budget of $9.87 million (compared to the 2007 expense budget of $10.1 million) and a 2008 income budget of $8.93 million (compared to the 2007 income budget of $8.89 million).