The presence of the Cokesbury Book Store at both Indiana annual conferences has been a mainstay for decades and so have the services of Cokesbury's Bill Cross.

Both conferences honored retiring Cross upon his 35 years of service to the Indiana Area.

Representing Cokesbury, Cross presented a check for the pastor's pensions to the Indiana North conference in the amount of $14,000.

Cross said that the UM Publishing House gives more than $1 million a year to the United Methodist clergy pension fund.

The conference in turn gave the money to the Central Conference Pension Fund, which will first go to the pastors in Liberia. The North Indiana Conference also gave a $500 Cokesbury gift certificate in his honor for resources to Africa University in his name.

The South Indiana Conference also honored Cross upon his 35 years of service and retirement.

On behalf of United Methodist Publishing House, Cross presented the conference with a check for conference clergy pensions in the amount of $13,966. The conference donated this amount to the Africa Central Conference Clergy Pension Fund.