WEST LAFAYETTE - The North Indiana Conference Outdoor Ministry Site Project continues to show progress towards a $16 million renovation of conference's four camp sites.

Jean Brindel, chair of the Capital Campaign of the Outdoor Ministry Site Project, reported the goal of the campaign is to reach 15,000 children, youth and adults for Jesus Christ each year.

The campaign, "Ten Thousand Blessings: building a new Epworth Forest to reach new generations for Christ," has a three-phase plan to renovate the North Indiana Conference campsites. Campaign leaders have completed phases one and two.

Brindel said the project has matured as it has been shared with positive responses. Phase three will be completed this fall.

The campaign's financial goal is $16 million in capital development funds to upgrade all four campsites and also do a complete redesign of Epworth Forest, which was last renovated in 1964.

To help tell the camping story, the campaign committee asked conference members to tell their individual camping stories on video at annual conference in Elliott Hall.

The North Indiana Outdoor Ministry was founded more than 110 years ago. Three of the four NIC campsites are in a prime vacation spot in Indiana where more than five million people vacation annually. Brindel called this "Holy Ground in the right place."

Stories also can be shared and sent to My Story, North Indiana Conference, P.O. Box 869, Marion, IN 46952-0869.

Brindel shared a video of camping stories composed by the campaign that also showed drawings of the planned renovation. She said, currently, more than 6,000 campers use these sites each year with 2,000 decisions made for Christ. More than 1,200 volunteers help staff the conference's outdoor ministry program.