"Bishop David Lawson was my 'consecration bishop.' He retired the year I was elected a bishop in 1996; he preached for that Consecration Service; and he was the retiring bishop assigned to lay hands upon me for consecration as a bishop. Since that time, David has been a colleague, friend, advisor and supporter. He once told me, 'I am one of your balcony people - encouraging you in your ministry as a bishop.' I have felt and experienced his support, especially since I returned to Indiana three year ago. I will miss having him around to provide that kind of encouragement and advice."

- Bishop Michael J. Coyner,
Indiana Area Bishop

"Members of the University of Evansville community are deeply saddened at the death of Bishop David Lawson. Bishop Lawson graduated from UE with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. When he was a student, he spent much of his time involved in religious life activities. In 1978, he received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree, which was awarded during Commencement. Bishop Lawson served several years as a member of the University Board of Trustees. He was a valued member of the UE Community."

- Dr. Stephen G. Jennings,
 president of the University of Evansville

"David was a man of deep drives of passion for ministry. He could hold you spellbound as he described his spiritual development at the time of his ordination as Deacon and at this ordination of Elder. David spent much of his leadership time with Boards of Ordained Ministry. He shared a real passion for making every step into the ordained ministry a step of faith and growth. David was a natural teacher. He taught Bible, methodology, caring, faith or anything pertaining to the equipping of the saints. He tended to maximize each of these gifts, and he shared them with all who cared to receive his concerns. David shared a rich life of talent and love, a legacy long to be remembered."

- The Rev. Lloyd M. Wright,retired,
New Albany, Ind. fellow seminary student
with Lawson and lifelong
ministry colleague.