The Rev. Debra Grady, Indianapolis pastor and executive director of UM-related Brightwood Community Center, was honored by the Indianapolis local unit of Church Women United during a worship service on Dec. 8 at Faith United Church of Christ in Indianapolis.

Local CWS Vice President Sue Warrick presented Grady with the Human Rights award. Grady is pastor of St. Paul and Brightwood UMCs, a position she has held since 2001, on North Station Street, which is located in the economically-deprived Brightwood neighborhood of Indianapolis.
"We spend our time making an investment in children," said Grady upon receiving the unit's third annual Human Rights award. "It's only God working through me that I have received this award."

Brightwood offers the community a food pantry, clothing, two evening after-school programs, an eight-week day-long summer camp, fall and spring computer classes, survivor skill training for women, a school supplementary food program, a senior food program and an inner-city music school in partnership with Butler University.