Operation Classroom is offering Hoosiers upcoming opportunities to go to Sierra Leone and participate in a work team at the Brown Memorial Primary School at Kissy. Three teams are scheduled to go to go in October, November and December and prepare classrooms so the school can be temporarily relocated in order for a second story to be built on the present building.

The projects will include cleaning and sweeping, painting, some electrical work and construction. The teams are scheduled to serve:

  • Oct. 11 to 26 - Bob Stoner from Valparaiso, team leader

  • Nov. 4 to 17 - Rick Chandler of Carmel, team leader

  • Nov. 24 to Dec. 8 - Bob Coolman from Valparaiso and Tracy, team leader

The cost for the experience will be $3,000 per person. Those interested in participating in this very important ministry, contact Carolyn Wagner online at ccwagner@hotmail.com or by phone at 765-436-2805.