The Shirley-Wilkinson Community United Methodist Church helped two families prepare to go to South Dakota to work with the Tree of Life Ministries at the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation at Fort Thompson, South Dakota. The church United Methodist Women's group made 100 children's quilts that were dedicated in our worship service on Sunday, July 22.

Along with the dedication of the quilts and all the items donated, the church also commissioned Mike and Ruth Allford and Dennis, Linda and Kristi Westrich for their trip to the Crow Creek Reservation.

Because of the recent fire that destroyed much of the storage at the reservation, the need for underclothes has been one of the biggest concerns. The Shirley-Wilkinson Community church also celebrated an "Undies" Sunday in July as the mission committee received a large donation of new underclothes for children and adults that were delivered to Crow Creek.