Bishop Michael J. Coyner has announced the following changes within the Indiana Area. All dates effective 2007 unless otherwise noted. These appointments are based on Cabinet reports received by Indiana Area Communication during the month of September.

North Indiana Conference

  • None at this time

South Indiana Conference

  • Cook, Craig from Loogootee, Vincennes to no appointment, 8/1

  • Haysler, Michaelene M. from Rush Branch/Rush Branch: Dupont/Rush Branch: Ebenezer, Columbus to Brownstown, Bloomington, 8/1

  • Herrin, Cory from no appointment to Epworth, Evansville, 10/1

  • Johnson, William L. from Avon, Indianapolis West to no appointment, 8/31

  • Shaw, Stanley from Letts/Letts: Burney/Letts: Milford, Rushville to Retirement, 6/30

  • Smith, Callie J from Noblesville: First, Indianapolis East to Leave of Absence, 9/1

  • Wallace, Ross E. from Hartsville, Columbus to retirement, 7/31