Benchmark dates

1974 UMC Health and Maternity Center founded by Swedish UMC
1980 The health center's situation was poor with no running water, eight under-qualified staff members and the hospital received no more than five outpatients a day for care
1992 Signed a partnership agreement with Bishop Humper of Sierra Leone
1993 Dr. Tom Foy and his wife, Kay, were sent to Sierra Leone for three months.
1993 Hired a new Matron.
1994 Dr. Marke volunteered at Kissy.
1995 Dr. Marke became chief-medical officer.
1997 First trip held with four U.S. facilitators.
2001 Kissy Clinic closed due to invasion of Freetown.
2001 Began nutrition program for children and pregnant women.
2004 War over, clinic opened, sent a team to Liberia with four facilitators
2005 Seminar held in Freetown.
2005 Medical team sent to Monrovia - three facilitators from Indiana plus three Africans.
2006 Medical team sent to Yonabama - three from U.S. and three Africans.
2007 Medical team sent to Monrovia - three from U.S. and three Africans.