1. Sponsor one or more students with a scholarship. ($75 each)
  2. Have a Sunday School Class, youth group, or UMW do at least one hands - on project. (Brochures on Kits and Hands-on opportunities in 2008 are available on line or from the OC office.)
  3. Support one project related to your partner school.
  4. Encourage your church to purchase school supplies during the stores' summer sales
  5. Provide children's multi vitamins
  6. Provide dried/powdered milk
  7. Support a teacher, counselor or medical person
  8. Include Operation Classroom in your faith promise or pledge
  9. Send someone from your church on an Operation Classroom workteam
  10. Pray for Operation Classroom's ministry
  11. Volunteer to process boxes at the warehouse or help load containers
  12. Participate in the Alternative Christmas Gift program

Operation Classroom has the following resources available for your local church:

  1. A litany of celebration on mission
  2. A speaker:
    1. To preach
    2. To give a "mission minute"
    3. To meet with your mission work area
    4. To participate in another church meeting or mission team
  3. A 3 or 10 minute CD or DVD
  4. Brochures
  5. Pictures for a bulletin board