1. Provide Work Study/Scholarship grants for students - $75 each

  • A minimum of 100 work study/scholarship grants are provided each school. Some schools receive additional scholarships. Each student will spend three hours per month doing work for the school. Because of the need, our goal is to increase the number of scholarships to 130 for each school.

Tamba Bockarie, a high school junior, helps us understand the need for scholarships:

"I was brought up in a family where no one was educated [and they were unable to] support me to further my studies. I am a poor boy who wants to be educated, but my background is financially bankrupt.

"I am grateful to Operation Classroom for helping me. It brings great happiness in me to receive this kind of help. I was meditating all along whether I was actually going to continue my studies. I [believed] I was about to be left in the wilderness. But God is gracious to each and every one of us on earth, and ready to help us at His stated time.

"Operation Classroom has done much for me and made me forget about all my past troubled meditations. You are deeply in my heart [because of] what you have done for me. I hope to continue my education with your aid."

  1. Upgrade the teaching staff

  • Provide for college scholarships for three teachers from Liberia and Sierra Leone to attend school in Liberia or Sierra Leone ($1,500 per teacher per year)

  • In-service training before the beginning of the school year Seminars ($4,000 per seminar)

    • for general operation of the school and classroom, and

    • for specific disciplines

  1. Provide basic science equipment

  2. Upgrade and construct classroom buildings -- All schools have plans for upgrading present buildings and constructing new classroom buildings.

  3. Provide materials to enrich the students spiritual life -- Provide Bibles, commentaries, devotional books, and other Christian literature to develop the moral and spiritual life of the teachers and students.

  4. Provide vocational equipment and supplies -- Vocational classes will include: Home Arts, Drafting, Agriculture, Business, Computer, Typing, Carpentry

  5. Provide sports equipment

  • Soccer balls, kick balls, volley balls, basketballs

  • Soccer and basketball uniforms

  • Trophies

  1. Provide school supplies, equipment, and textbooks

  • Text books in Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, Economics, African History

  • Library books in Christian religious knowledge, literature in English, African literature


Kissy Hospital - Freetown, Sierra Leone

  1. Renovate the Urban Center to include:

    • three labor and delivery rooms

    • Laboratory

    • Radiology

    • Ultrasound

    • ER facilities

  2. Renovate present facilities

  3. Continue present medical programs:

  • Nutrition program

  • EYE Hospital


  • Surgery

  • Out-patient care

  • In-patient care

  1. Provide medical equipment

  2. Provide medications/drugs

  3. Expand medical services

Ganta Hospital - Ganta, Liberia

Finish construction of new hospital

Continue present medical programs:

  • Nutrition program

  • EYE hospital


  • Community health

  • In-patient care

  • Out-patient care

  • Surgery